About CastleCSS

A modular, easy to use SCSS Framework

What is CastleCSS?

CastleCSS is a mobile first SCSS framework with modular building blocks for the web. It's also fully updateable! No more worrying if your base files are still correct, we keep the files up-to-date for you!

Why did we create CastleCSS?

Years ago, when the responsive web was on the rise, none of the existing mobile first frameworks lived up to our specific needs. We did not believe in things like device specific classes and the grids did not offer the flexibility we required... So, we started creating our own Fortress in HTML/CSS/JS and have been expanding it ever since.

Now, we want to share our way of working with the world.

What makes CastleCSS different?

Unlike other Frameworks, we do nót include everything, but only what you need. The core is a kickstart to your website, which you can extend with several extensions.

Our philosophy is mobile first, easy to update, self explanatory code. We want to be able to keep you up to date with the latest version of CastleCSS, which is only possible if you follow the installation instructions.